Apprentices for Hire


We have had more interest in the apprentice program than ever before! Let’s not let COVID get in the way, sign up to be a host today! For most shops, students under 18 are covered by the high school automotive program’s workers comp. If you have any questions, reach out to us or your insurance agent. If you need help paying the apprentice, let us know and we can figure out a way to help. This is our opportunity to aid the technician shortage and get the younger generations interested in automotive. This opportunity will help those students gain expansive knowledge of working in a shop, more expansive than working in a dealership or other niche programs. Help us enrich our students and allow them to turn a wrench in your shop.

Become a partner here. Contact IGONC for details or to answer questions. Phone: (919)-322-0609 Email:

We are working to expand our apprentice program in to neighboring states: South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia. If interested, please contact IGO.