August DEG Estimating Tips

Estimating Tips



All Three Systems: Transfer of Studs, Brackets, Braces – Recent inquiry 14245 indicates that new replacement parts may not come supplied with the appropriate mounting studs, brackets or braces.

Replacement labor for these parts is considered NOT INCLUDED unless specifically stated in the part footnote in the database.


CCC: Labor time premise NOT INCLUDED operations – brackets & braces transfer.

Mitchell CEG P-Pages > General Estimating Information > Labor General Information > Additions to Labor Time: Transfer time for welded, riveted or bonded brackets, braces or reinforcements from old part to new part.


Audatex: Will need to refer to specific Audatex DBRM Guide and Section 4-3 of Audatex DBRM for specifics on included and not included operations. 



All Three Systems: Seam Sealer Covering Fasteners on Bolt-On Parts – Recent DEG Inquiries 14331, 14330 and 14329 demonstrate that some vehicles may have seam sealer/protective coatings over fasteners on bolt-on parts. These situations may require additional labor to remove the seam sealer and to reapply seam sealers and protective coatings after reinstallation.


The process of removing seam sealer, reapplying and refinishing is NOT included in published labor times unless specifically noted in the database footnotes or labor report. Material cost is NEVER included in labor times.



Audatex: Additional Labor> Calibration/Scanning Operations – Audatex has been adding various scanning/calibration operations to the database that may be applicable to the vehicle being repaired. Users can select from pre-defined calibration/scanning operations in the “Additional Labor” section of the Audatex database. The system does NOT provide labor or sublet cost.


Please note, this is NOT a substitute for using OEM repair information directly from the vehicle manufacturer, but rather a good place to reference if a calibration may be needed on repairs being performed.


Per the Audatex July update, “Scan and Calibration Project*: 

o        422 files have been updated with scan and/or calibration operations.

o        222 files now have a calibration operation available on the windshield glass”



CCC: Refinish Overlap – Does not apply to a component refinished during a procedure separate from the main component. This situation is covered in the “Guide To Estimating: Panel and Component Designation, Individual Procedure Items/Areas” as follows: “Areas of a panel or component that are part of a main component, but are refinished during a procedure separate from the main component. Example: edges, jambs, hinges, inside panels and the underside of hoods, deck lids, liftgates, etc. No overlap deduction should be taken when calculating refinish time for items from this category.” 

Please note: The Estimating system is not able to determine if the part is a different color or if it’s refinished during a procedure separate from the main component.

·    This will require a manual deletion of the “Refinish Overlap” if the part is a different color or if it’s refinished during a procedure separate from the main component.

·    A combination of items from this category refinished during a single, continuous procedure should be subject to the appropriate “Adjacent” or “Non-Adjacent” overlap formula deduction.


The older Subaru Outback is an example where the bumper cover is often a separate color from the vehicle. 


All Three Systems: Torqueing of Fasteners – Torqueing of fasteners in the repair process is INCLUDED in published labor times.


Labor to look up or the cost associated with locating the torque specifications is NOT included.


Always consult OEM repair procedures if any fasteners must be replaced as they may be one-time use. 



You can view these tips and others on the DEG website by visiting:


The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember

that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify

the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.