Auto Care Careers Job Board Adds Google for Jobs Support

Employer listings on job board will appear in Google for Jobs

Auto Care industry talent can now find relevant jobs to them, including those listed on the Auto Care Association’s job board directly in Google search thanks to the launch of Google’s new job search engine, Google for Jobs.

Auto Care Association fully supports Google’s mission to help strengthen America’s workforce and better connect employers and job seekers. As a leading employment-information resource, Auto Care is pleased to share that the Auto Care Careers Industry Job Board has been fully integrated with Google’s new job search feature which will deliver success for Auto Care members, job seekers and employers in the Auto Care Industry.

For Employers:

  • Jobs posted to the Auto Care Careers Industry Job Board are automatically searchable through Google for Jobs, creating even greater exposure. The Google for Jobs application appears before Google’s standard search results, prioritizing positions over other employers, job boards and staffing agencies that do not have an established partnership with Google.
  • Provides employers with a new source of active and passive candidate traffic outside of the Auto Care Careers Industry Job Board Network.
  • Alleviates the ongoing challenge of identifying the right candidates to fill open positions by increasing the likelihood of attracting applicants who are looking for that exact job.

For Job Seekers:

  • Streamlines the job search by displaying career opportunities from the Auto Care Careers Industry Job Board and multiple employment sites in one convenient place.
  • Eliminates the need to setup keywords and filters (industry, location, full time vs. part time, etc.) across different sites.
  • Helps more people find work by bringing greater exposure to industry specific jobs that can be difficult to find.
  • Increases the likelihood of candidates finding the type of job that they are looking for and cuts down on time that is wasted applying to roles that aren’t a good fit.