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NASTF to Launch Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming Service

March 30th, 2021 by

  During the week of April 5, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) will be launching the new Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming (AIR) service. Every so often, a repair facility may need to replace or reprogram a module that involves the vehicle’s security systems. Until now the only way to do that was with a […]

Consumer Want Better Performance from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

March 3rd, 2021 by

AAA research shows drivers say improving vehicle safety systems takes priority over developing self-driving cars. Automakers may already hold the key to improving public acceptance of self-driving cars: fine-tuning existing vehicle technology. AAA’s annual automated vehicle survey finds that only 22% of people feel manufacturers should focus on developing self-driving vehicles. The majority of drivers […]

Higher Percentage of Collision Repair Facilities Reported Sales Up in January Compared to Last Year

March 3rd, 2021 by

While more repairers report higher sales, the average increase was lower. More collision repair operators believe pandemic impact on sales getting worse than better. A larger percentage of collision repair facility operators responding to the most recent Collision Repair Business Conditions survey covering January reported that sales were up, but the amount of increase was […]

GEICO Reports Collision Claims Severity Up 7-9% in First Nine Months of 2020

November 24th, 2020 by

  Frequency remained down 24-26% so far this year compared to 2019. On November 7, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. reported its third quarter earnings, including details about its GEICO subsidiary, the second largest auto insurer in the U.S. According to the company’s quarterly report, GEICO generated a pre-tax underwriting earnings of $276 million. The company reported […]

Collision Claims Declined Over 35% in Second Quarter Compared to 2019

November 24th, 2020 by

Coronavirus lockdowns in the U.S. dramatically impacted quarterly claims and losses in the first half of 2020. Earned car years, however, continued to grow. The latest available Fast Track Monitoring system data from the Independent Statistical Service Inc. (ISS) quantifies the historic impact of coronavirus lockdowns on private passenger collision claims and losses during the […]

Estimating Tip: Audatex – Section 5-2 FAQ

October 5th, 2020 by

In 2020 Audatex DBRM was updated with new FAQ (Frequently asked questions) regarding refinishing of the back side of replacement panels. Question: Does Audatex refinish times allow for refinishing the backside of the panels like fenders and quarter panels? Answer: The replacement refinish allowance for fenders and quarter panels does not account for refinishing the […]

CCC – Lowering Headliners for access

October 5th, 2020 by

Recent DEG Inquiry 16791 addresses when an headliner “lowering” operation is included with another component labor operation time that “If the repair facility decided to remove the headliner rather than raise/re-lower, that would require an on the spot evaluation and manual line entry. MOTOR cannot predict how many times the shop would need to raise/lower […]

Audatex – Flex Additive Materials NOT INCLUDED

October 5th, 2020 by

Some repairers may experience a bill payer stating that “Flex additive Materials are included in Audatex”. To clarify this topic, Audatex users should reference the following information in Audatex DBRM guide to clarify the following information on Flex Additive Materials: On Page 43 Section 4-2 Labor exclusions: “Refinish Materials are NOT INCLUDED in Audatex Refinish Labor Values” […]

SCRS Successfully Advocates to Preserve the 1963 Consent Decree

September 1st, 2020 by

SCRS Successfully Advocates to Preserve the 1963 Consent Decree Mechanicsville, Virginia, August 13, 2020 – The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has received assurances from contacts in the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Senate Judiciary Committee that the agreement in U.S. v. Association of Casualty and Surety Companies, et al (1963 Consent Decree) […]