Charity Car Lives On

I got a call from a gentleman named Bill in Mount Vernon, Va.  the other day who recently purchased a TR6. He found a MORROBUILT engine plaque #24 in the glove box and tracked me down thanks to Google.


Bill shared his Triumph history with me and said he purchased a new British Racing Green TR250 with wire wheels while stationed in Viet Nam. He lost track of it when he got transferred to a base in Germany and is glad to have purchased another Triumph. He was interested in the history of the car, mentioned something about charity, and sent me a current photo of the car.


Oh, that car! I shared the memories of the restoration of the car by the Triumph Club of the Carolinas and the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina, and the fund raising and the benefactors that went along with it. Bill was fascinated with its history. I promised him a copy of the poster.



While sharing the build history with Bill my spirit was pleasantly uplifted by the unselfish giving by all those involved. Something we could all use right now. So, I’m going to list all the people and serendipitous events that went into this project.


  • Steve Ward and TCOC officers agreed to let our coffers fund any parts that club members could not donate.
  • Some of my fellow auto parts salesmen that helped clean, strip and paint the bare chassis.
  • The IGONC shops that donated time and talent for frame straightening, painting, transmission rebuilding, alignment, and storage.
  • Scott Porter for telling the GLASURIT paint reps about the charity car who then donated the paint
  • The family that bought the first raffle ticket at a car show with just the frame on display and a promise of completion (talk about faith!)
  • Cylinder Head Specialties that donated all the engine machine work.
  • And of course, all the members of TCOC that did the heavy lifting and wrenching!


For those of you that are new to TCOC or have forgotten, we raised $15,000 for charity; half to Wheels 4 Hope and half to the widow of a local automotive technician. I don’t recall her name but she was with child when her husband died.


She agreed to pull the winning ticket at the IGONC convention. By then her child had been born and was healthy. She spoke with strength, wisdom, and gratitude about what this event meant to her, the memory of her husband, and child.

I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the house!


Well, believe it or not, a church minister won the car! That may be cheating if you have the BIG GUY on your side! After hardly driving it for a year or so, he donated it back to Wheels 4 Hope, who then sold it. This car just keeps on giving!


I lost track of it from there, but was glad to hear Bill is enjoying it. We agreed to stay in touch and be on the lookout for each other when car shows open again.