December 2019 DEG Estimating Tip

Estimating Tips

Audatex: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Pages 153-157 of the Audatex DBRM Guide provides helpful information to commonly asked questions and provides scenarios and answers about the Audatex program.

An example of a question answered in the Section 5-2:
“Question: Does Flex Additive listed in the “Included Operations” include the cost of the flex additive?
Answer: Audatex includes the time in the labor. However, the estimate preparer decides what is, or is not, included in the Paint Materials. For additional information, refer to section 4-4 Refinish Guidelines – Paint Materials and Paint Materials and Costs.“

CCC: Updated Guide to Estimating (GTE P Pages) – CCC/MOTORS has updated the Guide to Estimating (P Pages). Users can access the most current, up-to-date information by visitng this link:

Users can quickly identify new changes in blue text or by the icon showing an update to a specific section.

Audatex: Rocker Moldings/Body Side Moldings – Audatex users will not find the door body side moldings/rocker moldings in the respective location in the door or rocker group. Users will need to see the “STRIPES AND MOLDINGS” category for the correct part labor and pricing information.

It is also important to ensure the correct vehicle options are selected from the vehicle options tab. Some moldings are considered “optional accessories” and will not default them unless the option is selected correctly.

All Three Systems: Transparent Basecoat Colors to Achieve Coverage – the DEG has made a quick reference chart showing included and not included operations for transparent colors to achieve hiding situations.

All Three Systems: Emblem Adhesive Templates – Repairers may see scenarios where an “Adhesive Templates” option may be available to reuse existing emblems, nameplates and badges. When this option is available (typically from a 3rd party supplier), the labor and material associated to prepare the existing part for reuse is NOT INCLUDED in the emblem, nameplate, badge labor time per the estimating system. You may see this component come up as an A/M part when selecting a replacement nameplate, emblem or badge. This is typically serviced as an adhesive backing only that has been precut to mimick the original orentiation to reuse the old badge, nameplate and emblem.

Considerations to reuse an existing part can include the following:
• Cost of replacement template
• Removal of adhesive from individual lettering/nameplate
• Applying template onto existing nameplate, badge or emblem
• Trimming any excess material
• Cost of any solutions, adhesion promoters, razor blades
• Any additional repair required for component to be reused
• Measure, mark and align individual letters for correct spacing
• Some OEMs list nameplates and emblems as one-time use; refer to appropriate repair manual.

You can view these tips and others on the DEG website by visiting:

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember
that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify
the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.