DEG Estimating Tips

Audatex: Understanding Overlap – Page 38 of Audatex DBRM explains how overlap is applied.

“There are two methods of overlap deduction. They are:

  • Guide Number Order: This method will include an operation on the lowest guide number first and then not count it on any higher guide number.
  • Internal Labor Coding: In this method, labor operations are internally coded within the Audatex system. Related groups of operations that are collectively required to perform one specific operation are internally coded to allow the Audatex estimate to include commonly performed operations. When this type of coding is done and the main operation has been included in the estimate, the subordinate operations will generally be accounted for in that main operation. If the main operation is not selected, the subordinate operations will be accounted for by the guide number order method.

Inner panel labor is with outer welded panel removed. The labor on the estimate for these parts is after applicable overlap is deducted.”

CCC: Van/SUV Side & Corner Panels – “Van and SUV” have a separate set of labor inclusions and not-included operations on side panel/corner panel (quarter panel) replacements vs a standard vehicle application. It is important to refer to the correct section of the guide when performing a replacement to ensure the not-included operations are being listed accurately.

An example of a common error is the NOT INCLUDED operation of the 2nd and/or 3rd row seats if r/I is needed. The database may show INC when selected, but the p pages state otherwise.

If you find any errors during the estimating process, please submit a DEG Inquiry to correct the situation with the appropriate information provider.

Mitchell: Automated Clear Coat Calculation Not On Estimate – Once you have deleted the clear line from an estimate, it will need to be added back manually. There is a prompt identifying when you delete lines.

To manually select clear coat, users will need to click on the “REF SHEET” tab > “Additional Operations” >> Select clear coat and select the “Calculate Estimate” button and the system will add the clear coat calculation back in.

CCC: Trunk/Lift Gate Weatherstrip – Recent DEG inquiries 14234 14151 and 14140 revealed database errors for trunk lid/lift gate weatherstrip.

Weatherstrip attached to the body of the vehicle is NOT INCLUDED in the replacement time of the trunk lid or lift gate section of the database unless specifically stated in the detail line notes of the database.

It is important to know this operation is not being included unless there is a note or another component of the vehicle is being worked on where the weather strip would then be included (i.e., replacement of rear body panels unless specifically noted otherwise).

If users experience an issue where they feel the weatherstrip should not be included because of database error, please submit an inquiry and we will work with the appropriate IP to resolve the issue.

You can view these tips and others on the DEG website by visiting:


The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember

that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify

the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.