DEG Estimating Tips

All Three Systems: A/C Leak Test – Repairs involving air conditioning systems may need a leak test after the system has been recharged. The labor needed to perform a leak test using the various equipment available is NOT INCLUDED and would be an on-the-spot evaluation. Some testing kits may use a consumable product that must be injected into the system which is also NOT included in the labor time. 

Audatex: Option and Accessories Impact on Labor Time – The DEG has posted a video on YouTube explaining how incorrect options and accessories can impact your estimate’s labor time. Check it out here:


All Three Systems: Masking for Stone Guard


CCC/MOTORS has updated the GTE pages to define that masking operations needed for “stone chip guard” coating is NOT INCLUDED.


Mitchell includes basic masking for “gravel guard” application using its formula “add .5 hour for the first major panel and .3 hour for each additional panel.”


Audatex, page 148 of Audatex DBRM does not include the application of gravel guard or the process of masking in its labor times.


Mitchell: Frame Assembly R/R – Additional consideration:

Mitchell CEG Collision Estimating Guide > Procedure Explanations > 9 Frame> Frame Assembly R & R

NOTE: Frame Assembly R&R requires planning. Proper preparation and job sequencing are key to performing this operation. Also, special equipment, additional work space and manpower may be needed.

NOTE: It may be necessary to transfer parts from the damaged frame or order new parts to use on the new frame. This cannot be determined until you see the new frame. The needed additional time for this operation must be estimated.

We also suggest utilizing SCRS Guide to Complete repair planning page 17 for additional considerations to frame replacement.


CCC: Truck Bed/ Pickup Box Replacement Requiring Seam Sealer Application – Per DEG inquiry 14705: according to the MOTOR Guide To Estimating, duplicating the “OEM Caulk/Seam Sealer” for an OEM replacement “Hood, Door, Trunk Lid, Liftgate, Tail Gate and Pickup Box”, is Not Included in the Motor estimated work time. This is due to a variation in supplied OEM Service Parts that require “Caulk/Seam Sealer”. The “Caulk/Seam Sealer” may or may not be applied to the OEM Service Part, and if it is “Caulk/Seam Sealer” it may be Partial “Caulk/Seam Sealer” or Complete “Caulk/Seam Sealer”. MOTOR suggests using an on-the-spot evaluation to determine if duplicating the “OEM Caulk/Seam Sealer” is required, and all parties mutually agree upon an appropriate “Caulk/Seam Sealer” time.



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The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember

that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify

the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.