EBS Automotive Equipment

EBS Automotive Equipment

EBS Automotive Equipment is the ASTA’s top vendor for Pro-Cut Brake Solutions.

Since 1988, the Pro-Cut design and manufacturing team has relentlessly pursued the best solutions for brake service repair issues. Brake engineers from around the world agree that Pro-Cut on-car brake lathes are the fastest, simplest to use, and most accurate way of matching rotors to the hub. Pro-Cut’s on-car brake lathes are a required piece of equipment for every Ford, GM, Honda, Subaru, and Nissan dealer and highly recommended by virtually every other OEM in the world including most recently, BMW.

Fast forward to 2015, and Pro-Cut is now a member of the Snap-on Total Shop Solutions line of professional products and the company responsible for development of brake repair equipment. In 2019 we launched our first bench mounted lathe, the B17 Mobile Combination Lathe to wide industry acclaim, winning awards from Motor in 2019 (Top 20 Tool), and from PTEN in 2021 (Innovation).

Now we have launched our latest on-car lathe, the X9D, and customers are raving about the quality and advancements. Both the X9D and the B17 are the first lathes of their type to be built using DC motors exclusively. DC power brings fingertip control, smooth and quite operation, variable speed, and the smoothest surface finishes we’ve ever seen!

When you partner with Pro-Cut you will receive excellent customer service and support from EBS Auto Equipment team of field reps. Call John Hagaman 704-477-6655 (NC west) or John Reitsma 973-981-3524 (NC east) today for a no obligation on-site demo.

Pro-Cut, saving the world one rotor at a time!

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