Estimating Tips from the DEG

Mitchell: Tesla Database Now Available – Mitchell has officially launched the Tesla vehicle database for the Model S, X and Model 3. Additionally, improved VIN decoding options are now available.


Please note, this is not an approval for every body shop to work on Tesla vehicles. Non-approved Tesla body shops should still check with Tesla parts departments for part restrictions and understand the dangers and risk involved working with high-voltage systems prior to working on a vehicle.


Users should also note parts are updated frequently, but should still confirm with TESLA EPC for the most current and up-to-date information for correct part numbers and pricing. Please submit DEG inquiries for any missing or outdated information in Mitchell’s Tesla database.



Audatex: Glass Sealant Part Selection and Labor – Recent Audatex inquiries 12661 and 12720 discuss how bonded quarter glass labor is assigned when selecting the “Quarter Glass Sealant Kit” and the “Quarter Glass” part itself.


“We have reviewed the current Audatex labor procedures and labor allocation for the SEALANT KIT, QTR GLASS (GN 0317/0318) and GLASS, QUARTER TINTED (GN 0321/0322). In Audatex, when a user adds both aforementioned items to an estimate, the system allocates the labor to the lowest guide number after any applicable overlap is applied. This guide number hierarchy is integrated into Audatex labor development. Estimator judgement times or manual entries will not remove preexisting overlap deductions where labor economies between multiple parts have already been considered. This is the normal function of the Audatex Estimating system. No change warranted at this time.”


By reviewing the Audatex estimate report, users can tell if the labor time is modified from the “Quarter Glass Sealant Kit” by locating a “*” next to the labor line.

When both the sealant kit and glass is selected, the labor time will automatically allocate to the Glass Sealant and users should know this is the actual labor for the glass R/I or R/R procedure.  

All Three Systems: Quick Reference Document – The DEG has developed a quick reference chart of included and not-included labor operations for repairs requiring pre/post scan, initializing and calibration. It can be found at:


All Three Systems: Secondary Color/ E-coat Color Duplication – Refinish labor to duplicate factory “E-coat”/overspray appearance on non-visible back side/underside is NOT INCLUDED. Refinish time also does not include color matching, mixing the appropriate color variant or labor to mask interior surfaces. As always, material cost is NOT INCLUDED in refinish labor times.

You can view these tips and others on the DEG website by visiting: