February DEG Estimating Tips

Estimating Tips

All Three Systems: Safety Inspections – Required inspections after a collision are manufacturer and vehicle specific down to the type of impact the vehicle has sustained. Information on what components need to be inspected and/or replaced after a collision can be found in all the OEM technical websites or using a 3rd party program like Alldata.

The labor to perform these inspections is NOT included unless specifically noted in the footnotes of a component being repaired. Some inspections will require selecting components from the database or doing an on-the-spot evaluation for labor.

During inspections, some components MUST be replaced (clips, fasteners, repair kits, or specific parts) regardless of the type of impact/collision. Refer to OEM service information for this prior to finalizing repair planning.

Audatex: Structural Adhesive Removal – Audatex DBRM Guide page 43, Section 4-2 Labor Exclusions, states, “Removal of panel bonding adhesive material” is a NOT INCLUDED operation in panel replacement times.

When repairers come across situations where a panel has been removed and the vehicle is left with “panel bonding adhesive material,” the labor associated with removing this material in preparation for the replacement part is NOT INCLUDED. This would be an on-the-spot evaluation depending on the process, equipment and consumable materials used.

CCC: Toyota Front Millimeter Wave Radar Calibrations – CCC users may see labor times for “aiming front distance sensor” available in the vehicle database for 1.0 – 1.6 hrs.

Recent DEG Inquiry 15393 clarified additional feedback of included/not included operation, as follows:

1. Checking the level of the floor would not be included when a dedicated area is used to perform this calibration. This was done once to determine a dedicated area so it should not be necessary again.
2. Axis Beam confirmation would be included but adjustment is not.
3. The estimated work time includes mapping out the work space.
4. The estimated time does not include any troubleshooting.
5. The estimated work time includes 1 adjustment.

Mitchell: Extension of Clear Coat – In some applications, it may be required to extend the application of clear to the nearest panel edge or breakpoint. The performance of this operation is NOT INCLUDED in the Mitchell refinish labor time.

Follow the link for more information and formula for this operation.

We suggest using the “BLEND” selection for any panels requiring this step to ensure proper calculation of the allocated PREP and CLEAR application formula as the system will automatically allocate the 80/20 split of the 50% formula.

Note: This formula is not intended to be used on repaired panels or any panels that require additional labor to repair pre-existing surface conditions.

You can view these tips and others on the DEG website by visiting: www.degweb.org

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY – it is important to remember
that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify
the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.
Estimating Tip: CCC – Nameplate Template Fabricating NOT INCLUDED

Recent DEG INQUIRY 15563 response from MOTORS indicates during replacement of a nameplate/ emblem “After review of the concern, creating templates is not included in estimated work times.”

DEG also points out that “Material cost used to create a template is NOT INCLUDED in labor times.”

Lastly, per CCC/MOTORS GTE P Pages, the labor time for Nameplates, Emblems, Adhesive backed moldings are for INSTALLATION ONLY. Removal of the molding and cleaning adhesive left behind is NOT INCLUDED in R/R Time. Below is an example from BMW workshop manual indicating to “make and adhesive tape template”