How’s Traffic at the Liquor Store?

Whenever society at large faces calamity I always check the volume at the Liquor Store. Such places around me are packed. I have some friends in other cities who have a business near a liquor store to help me determine how widespread a concern may be. I’ve checked in with them on this current scare and it appears kind of big.

People can easily lose hope that things are going to be OK. Hopefully the temporary and shallow thinking evidenced by the current high volume at such places as the liquor stores will quickly subside. As shop owners we truly have a silver lining considering current conditions. Yes there will be some adjustments for all of us, but there truly has never been a better time to be an automotive shop owner. Let’s be the people setting the example of confidence and faith.

Think about all the upcoming travel; would most people like to get on a plane today? All the crammed schedules just got freed up………………big time! What better time to have your car serviced than when you don’t have fifty places you think you just have to be. Yes we’ll need to offer pickup and delivery if we weren’t already doing so yet that’s what it takes. Hopefully you were already offering text-to-pay and no contact drop off along with secure after hours pickup. Those things now will mean more than ever. The sanitation habits we’ve all quickly made most apparent and important were something we maybe should’ve been paying more attention to all along. I’m sure you’re like us, having e-blasted, texted, Facebooked, and sign posted everywhere telling about how you keep things clean and safe. What if we had been doing this all along? So…. maybe we now see how the public feels getting into a car they’ve just had serviced. . Did you maybe just order 500 more plastic steering wheel covers like we did? Our making it known that things are clean and sanitary with our operations will become the new normal I predict.

I imagine you were finding it more and more challenging to find qualified staff members to continue growing your businesses. In some cases maybe there were people earning more than they deserved in some shops. Maybe you had “get by” people in  positions because you just couldn’t seem to find better help. Most likely this current awakening will allow us to make the needed “adjustments” and keep nurturing our people that have what it takes. I already have seen several opportunities to recruit some really great talent that just wasn’t there when everyone was so gainfully employed. Even more clearly, I’ve seen how important our marketing plan is in the growth of our businesses. For us, we had recently added one of the #1 digital billboards in our market to use for our businesses. It was great to be able to quickly change the message and inform people of our being open and how we’re making it easy for them to get their vehicles serviced in such hysteria. Never has marketing been so important. Take advantage of things and grow your market share. Sort out your staff and get ready for the wave that’s about to hit. Surf’s up!