Hyundai Joins List of Manufacturers Recommending Diagnostic Scans Before and After Collision Repair

Hyundai Motor America recently released a position statement recommending that collision repair facilities perform diagnostic scans on vehicles both before and after the collision repair process.

According to the statement:

Hyundai vehicles are equipped with multiple electronic components and systems within each vehicle. Therefore, it is important that vehicles involved in a collision have a pre-repair scan and post-repair scan so that repairers are aware of any diagnostic trouble codes that may be present, regardless if a warning light or malfunction indicator light is illuminated.

A pre-repair scan will alert the repairer to diagnostic trouble codes or items that may be malfunctioning within the vehicle. This aids the repairer to develop more accurate repair estimates prior to beginning repairs. The post-repair system scan provides confirmation that systems are functioning properly and calibrated.

Hyundai Motors America’s recommends conducting a pre-repair scan as appropriate to ensure safe and accurate repairs and that all vehicles receive a post-repair scan to ensure all systems and components are functioning, calibrated and communicating properly with no diagnostic trouble codes present.

Hyundai values customer safety and requests the collision industry follow the above recommendations for completing pre/post repair scans to achieve safe and quality repairs.

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The dealership figures were published in the association’s NADA Data report, a comprehensive look at the auto retailing industry in the U.S. published annually by NADA.