IGO History

IGO History

The Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC) was established by a group of dedicated garage owners in August of 1959 to help members deal with the many challenges that face owner-operators of independent garages in the State of North Carolina.

IGONC has been true to its mission for over 60 years and is constantly expanding its services and membership base. We are by far the state’s largest automotive repair and service association, representing approximately 500 members. We distribute the most up-to-date information on automotive repair and business practices; we protect our members from unfavorable legislative initiatives; and we build productive relations between our members, automotive vendors, and the motoring public. Simply put, our members become more successful by accessing the IGONC resources listed here and by being part of a community of fellow independent garage owners that maintains a support network primarily through regional unit meetings, the trade show and ongoing one-to-one contact.

Past Presidents

Bryan Davis 1959-1960
Roy F Mustin 1987-1988
George Miller 1960-1961
Curtis G Allred 1988-1989
Roy Orr 1961-1962
Jim Redwine 1989-1990
Buck Burke 1962-1963
Bob May 1990-1991
CS McManus 1963-1964
Bill Hanner 1991-1992
T Fred Terry 1964-1965
Jim Swicegood 1992-1993
B Frank Williams 1965-1966
Bobby Gresham 1993-1994
Troy B Byrd 1966-1968
Barbara Falls 1994-1995
Archie E Deal 1968-1969
Billy Jenkins 1995-1996
Roy O Tunstall 1969-1970
Chris Dameron 1996-1997
James Bayliff 1970-1971
Mervin Cloninger 1997-1998
C Linwood Braswell 1971-1973
Jim Redwine 1998-1999
William E Kaufman 1973-1975
Tom Smith 1999-2001
A Daniel Gray 1975-1976
Tim Lasley 2001-2002
William C Hanner 1976-1977
Bobby Dunn 2002-2004
Norman L Burke 1977-1978
Moe Stanley 2004-2005
Lewis M Edminston 1978-1979
Dean Bailey 2005-2006
Julian M Yarborough 1979-1980
Gary Summerfield 2006-2007
Douglas A Pritchard 1980-1981
AC Guarino 2008-2009
Jack C Troutman 1981-1982
Cam Comer 2009
James T Long Jr 1982-1983
Ron Zeunen – 2010-2011
H L Foy Bayliff 1983-1984
John Hill – 2011-2013
Elton K Cameron 1984-1985
Gene Reed – 2013-2015
Harvey L Davis 1985-1986
Gary Summerfield – 2016-2017
Boyd L Hedrick 1986-1987
Dean Bailey – 2018-2019
John Hill – 2019-2020
Stan Creech – 2019-2020

IGONC Hall of Fame

IGO Hall of Fame Inaugural Inductees 


2018 Inductee

Jimmie Robertson


2017 Inductees

Mike Byer Terry Finley
Don Griffin Bob Pulverenti

2009 Inductees

Roy Orr Bryan Davis
Buck Burke T. Fred Terry
B. Frank Williams Troy B Byrd
Archie Deal Roy Tunstall
A Linwood King Leon Shearin
Billy Fritts James Bayliff
C. Linwood Braswell William Kaufmann
William Hanner Norman Burke
Lewis Edminston Julian Yarborough
CO Oak Wilson Fred Piper
Jack Troutman James Long Jr
Harvey L Davis Boyd Hedrick
Roy Mustin Curtis Allred
Jim Redwine James Piper Jr
Clarence Martin Douglas Pritchard
Bob May Billy Jenkins
Chris Dameron Mervin Cloninger
Tom Smith Charlie Bondurant
John Hill Tommy Carrol
Clyde Cummings Harry Hill
Dean Bailey Tim Lasley
Bobby Dunn Moe Stanley
Gary Summerfield AC Guarino
James Allen Matt Bowman
Darrell Newman David Lee