Infinity Payment Systems

Infinity Payment Systems

Vendor Discount Program

Cash Discount Program

Are you ready to completely eliminate your credit card fees? We’ve created a way for you to collect 100% of your sales revenue by passing thru a Cash Discount Fee to customers paying with credit or debit cards.

Special Member Offer

  • 0% credit card fees
  • Eliminate monthly processor fees
  • Next day Funding
  • Won’t disrupt your sales flow
  • Incentivize cash paying customers
  • Increased Profits

As the only local and family-owned company of our kind here in Wilmington (my uncle owns the company and we’ve been in business since 1999), we take pride in doing business with our neighbors. We take a consulting approach guaranteeing an honest review and complete transparency. Our goal is to build long-term, lasting business relationships in the community by getting businesses set up on the most cost-effective program to accept cards while providing unmatched local customer service. 

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