It’s Time For ASTE 2021

Stan Creech, IGO President and Owner of Creech Import Repair


It’s almost here! Time for old friends to reunite and catch up. Time to make new friends, get some awesome training, and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Once again we converge at the Embassy Suites in Cary, North Carolina for 2 days of gaining knowledge and connections. This year promises to be the biggest event yet. Some of the premier automotive experts will be on hand to discuss the latest technology, and the best marketing and management strategies in our Industry. I always learn new things each year, things that I can apply in our shop to increase profits and efficiency. Whether it’s technical training for technicians, management and marketing training to increase profits and keep the bays full, this year’s ASTE has it all.

For me personally as a shop owner, I find it difficult during the year to make the time to have training for our employees. Our guys always look forward to the ASTE because it’s local for us and the training is top notch. Each year after the expo,  I always have a couple of technicians telling me things that they’ve learned. In 2019, one of my techs told me that he learned that the mass air sensor on every car, at 600 RPMs the MAF reading should match the liter size of the engine. (Tell the truth, you didn’t know that, did you!) And as a shop owner, there is always something management related that gets me fired up to change or implement in my business.

I look at the registration cost as an investment in future earnings. Something you might learn that seems small can make $$$ over time and down the road.

One thing that I always look forward to are the social events, and there are several this year. The trade show on Saturday is always awesome because I can Q&A existing and potential new vendors about their products and what they have to offer. If you’ve never been before, you do not want to miss the trade show portion of the event.

This year’s event is unique, as it will be a good opportunity to meet NCTDA members that may attend. As most know by now, the IGO and Tire Dealers merger was approved and should be finalized October 1st. The new entity will be called “Automotive Service & Tire Alliance.”  

A lot of work and preparation have been invested to make sure this year’s event runs smoothly and successfully. This is a learning and fun opportunity you don’t want to miss!