NASTF to Launch Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming Service


During the week of April 5, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) will be launching the new Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming (AIR) service.

Every so often, a repair facility may need to replace or reprogram a module that involves the vehicle’s security systems. Until now the only way to do that was with a NASTF Vehicle Security Credential or with a tool of questionable origins and all too often, cyber security risks.

To facilitate automaker approved methods for completion of these repairs, NASTF and automakers have created the Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming Service. This service allows a background checked employee at a repair facility to request a secure, Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming session with a NASTF Contracted Service Provider.

  1. Repairers will be able to specify an individual (not necessarily a service technician, a service advisor or estimator may be in a better position to gather information for transactions) who will interact with the service provider to perform immobilizer initializations as needed in the course of repair. This individual will be known as a Security Technician.
  2. NASTF has created a rapid, streamlined process that allows a collision or repair shop employee to apply to be background checked as their business’ Security Technician.
  3. Security Technician will be responsible to upload customer proof of authorization and vehicle information to request a session with the NASTF approved service provider of their choice. The information provided will be used to create a transaction record in the SDRM portal.
  4. The Service Provider will receive notification of the request and complete the programming event if all documentation provided is complete and accurate. Note: Service Providers may require individual registration, subscriptions, and/or use fees and adherence to their own terms and conditions.

This program was designed to allow more flexibility for shops who only occasionally encounter these types of repairs. The service also permits the Security Technician to request a session in advance, allowing shops to plan ahead and reduce downtime.

Origination of keys and key programming are not permitted with this service. More details can be found in the in the program terms and conditions.

Assisted Immobilizer Reprogramming Service is available to all NASTF members and pre-registration is now open. Pre-registration is free and encouraged. There is a transaction fee for the first 5 transactions per year.

NASTF membership is free of charge for all industry stakeholders.



Article from: CollisionWeek