New Alldata Offering Essentially Turns Tablets Into Scan Tools

At the SEMA Show last week, Alldata launched Alldata Diagnostics, a new offering that essentially turns an Android, Windows 10 or iOS tablet into a scan tool — a scan tool with Alldata Repair and Alldata Collision built in, which means that codes can link directly to relevant articles, as well as the company’s new interactive color wiring diagrams.

Alldata Diagnostics employs a Vehicle Connection Interface (VCI) device that attaches to a vehicle’s OBDII port and links wirelessly via Bluetooth to a tablet. This gives technicians the flexibility to perform scan tool functions directly on a tablet from various locations in or around a vehicle.

With Alldata Diagnostics, technicians can retrieve and clear manufacturer P, B, C, and U codes. It also reads and displays PIDs, providing live sensor data from all modules and vehicle systems and offers bi-directional component control, according to the company. In addition, Alldata Diagnostics offers full-system pre- and post-DTC scan reporting.

The VCI device is included in the Alldata Diagnostics subscription price. The system requires a subscription to Alldata Repair or Alldata Collision. There is no charge for software or data updates.