Wham! was loud the noise I heard inside my helmet. “You have not been called offsides one time this game….what’s going on with you?”  I heard my coach yell as I exited the football field.

He had tried to bring to my attention that I wasn’t being aggressive enough as the Center Linebacker on our high school team. I thought I was doing pretty good as nearly every play I would stand up the opposing Center with my heavily padded foreman which would try and catch him under the chin…………….every time. As often as possible I would knock the Center down on my way after the quarter back. I had been heavily trained to block up the middle  and then go after whoever had the ball.

I learned that my focus was too narrow for coach and what he wanted to see happen in this game. He wanted me to disrupt things on the scrimmage line and be viewed as unpredictable by the opposing team. He wanted to keep the other team guessing what we were up to. My steady behavior had become all too predictable for the other team’s coaches and players therefore I wasn’t nearly as effective as needed.

In running our daily businesses, it is so easy to get into a pattern of consistency and repetitive behavior thinking we’re doing good things. We tend to stay in that mode until something disrupts us enough to force change. Sometimes we get to feeling we’re not winning in the game of business and wonder what we’re doing wrong. For me, I need a coach to see what the big picture needs to look like. I imagine those of you who have wisely chosen to bring in a business coach are like me when you are talking with your coach. You know they have the statistics on your performance. In my case they know to the minute how we are performing by use of a live sales tracker. Sometimes our coach will give us a verbal whack to get our attention. At the time it hurts our feelings yet just like in my football career I came to realize how spot on my coach’s direction was for the game situation we were in that day. I must say it’s the events like the “Wham!” that have stayed with me in life.

There are numerous coaches available. For me I’ve been through five business coaching programs over the past twenty years and every one of them was worth the investment. Every bit of the travel, time, and expense only bettered me. I am going into my fifth year with our current coaching program.

The program keeps getting better and so do we. Being able to interact with the numerous members is probably the most valuable part for me. If you have never had a business coach maybe ask a few friends with coaches what they see as the most valuable resource when choosing a coach. As fast as things are changing  in business it’s great to have the team of coaches available to help guide you through things you’re facing that may have already been encountered by your coach helping some of the other members. You can learn much quicker by hearing of another person’s success in overcoming something that may presently have you bogged down wondering what you can possibly do to change things for the better.

Isn’t it time for you to get all the way in the game?


by John Hill