Community College OBD II Technician Training

Training offered by the community college system available at 28 Community colleges throughout North Carolina for those interested in receiving course instruction in the field of On-Board Diagnostics Repair. (Click on link for list of colleges offering the course)

Industry Economic Information

Autocare Association Economic Data Tool

The auto care industry includes small, medium and large companies that produce, distribute, sell, install and repair motor vehicle parts, accessories, lubricants and appearance products. Our mission is to ensure that vehicle owners have access to quality and affordable parts and service. According to the 2018 Auto Care Factbook, the industry employs 4.6 million people. Industry sales in 2017 totaled $381.1 billion—a 3.6 percent increase over the previous year—contributing 2 percent to U.S. GDP. Click link to view data by state, region and more.