Right to Repair 2.0 Headed to 2020 Ballot in Massachusetts

On Dec. 4, the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition announced the collection and submission of 102,000 signatures, which are required for new Right to Repair language to appear on the 2020 ballot. This new language will ensure that real-time diagnostic and repair information transmitted wirelessly will be made available to car owners, who then may grant access any repair shop, dealer or automaker of their choosing.

The coalition had been pushing for bipartisan legislation filed this year in both state chambers and co-sponsored by 55 legislators; however, due to a lack of progress, the coalition had decided to once again bring the issue before Massachusetts voters. In 2012, the coalition passed compromise Right to Repair legislation and achieved 86% support for the issue at the ballot.

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Read the release: https://www.aftermarketnews.com/updated-massachusetts-right-to-repair-law-headed-to-ballot/?oly_enc_id=2915F8517689E1V