RPM Act Passes House Committee

The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act (H.R. 350) last Wednesday, Dec. 6, by a vote of 33-20. The legislation would clarify that it is legal under the Clean Air Act to manufacture, sell, distribute and install race parts that modify the emissions system of a motor vehicle used solely for racing.

The need for clarification came about after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed in a July 2015 Proposed Rulemaking, that the above activities, as well as converting a motor vehicle into a racecar, were illegal under the Clean Air Act tampering prohibitions. EPA never finalized the rule but the agency believes their interpretation is correct and enforceable.

The next step for this legislation will be the House floor. A companion bill in the Senate (S. 203) is under consideration by the Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Subcommittee of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. While a hearing occurred in the subcommittee last month, a vote is yet to be scheduled.