Senator Jeff Merkley Launches Vehicle Data Inquiry


Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., has expressed his concerns over the collection, ownership and use of vehicle data. Citing Auto Care Association President and CEO Bill Hanvey’s recent New York Times op-ed, Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight , Merkley remarked, “Given that a modern car is reportedly capable of collecting this consumer data at a rate of 25 gigabytes per hour, the question of who owns this data is equally pressing. It is understandable that this data is used to improve performance and safety, though it may be unclear to many consumers what level of ownership they have over the data collected by the car they own or are leasing.”

Merkley has requested that the vehicle manufactures respond within 30 days to specific questions including: “If your company’s cars collect data, what purpose does this technology serve?” and “Who ultimately owns the data collected by your cars?”

If you or your company resides in Oregon, we encourage you to publicly thank Sen. Merkley for his inquiry via Twitter(and tag @AutoCareOrg) or hisFacebookpage; and also state the importance of ensuring that vehicle owners grant independent repair shops equal access to wirelessly transmitted vehicle data. If you are outside of Oregon, we encourage you to share this release with your legislators and ask for their support.