Shop Culture

Stan Creech, IGO President and Owner of Creech Import Repair


What is a company culture? It’s a set of shared values, behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and practices that identify or characterize an organization. In reality we all have a company culture whether we know it or not. The vibe inside the business is the byproduct of your culture. It’s the way you do business and is reflected in your customers’ opinions towards your company. Envision what attitudes you want in the workplace and set an example. Listening to your customers, paying attention to team members, and showing them how much you appreciate them can go a long way towards achieving your desired culture.

I personally have not seen a better example of a business culture than the one Danny Sanchez, CEO at Autoshop Solutions in Apex, NC created years ago for his team. I’ve asked Danny to share his thoughts on a business culture in hopes that it may help our IGO members in some way.


Danny Sanchez

Owner/CEO Autoshop Solutions

Apex, N.C.

A shop owner once told me that being nice to employees only leads to them taking advantage of him, he found his employees worked harder when he was less of a friend and just more of a boss. I ask him, how has your turnover been at the shop? Crickets… 

It’s easy to buy a few pizzas and have a company lunch, it’s not so easy to keep making decisions to put employees and customers first even when it can be painful in the short term. 

Training, processes, and procedures are the backbones of any business. Employees need to know the rules and expectations involved in their position and accountability is critical to employee growth. They also need to be encouraged to make mistakes. No, not the same ones over and over again, but mistakes while they are learning, trying, stretching to grow, be better at their craft, and become a more valuable team member. I give every new team member the same onboarding message, Autoshop Solutions is a place to make mistakes, if you are not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough. Is there a cost to encouraging employees to make mistakes, yes there is, but asking for perfection and not allowing employees to have some control over their workday has a much bigger price tag, they quit and you have to hire someone new and start over. 

Autoshop Solutions is like a custom fabricator, pit crew, and high-end service shop all rolled into one. We build for the long term, have short sprints, and maintain a fleet of well-oiled machines that deliver results for our customers. All that doesn’t happen if I’m the only one making decisions. The crew at Autoshop Solutions knows that they are trusted to get it done. And yes, the breakfasts, happy hours, birthday recognitions, cheese day, donut day, hot dog day, and epic Christmas party don’t hurt either.


Autoshop Solutions is a big player in the Automotive shop website world.  They are also a big supporter of the automotive service industry in general, and have been a HUGE supporter of the IGO.  We sincerely appreciate Danny and his crew!