The End of an Era and Start of a New Age

Its the end of an era and start of a new age for the automotive aftermarket in the Southeast. The Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC) and North Carolina Tire Dealers Association (NCTDA) will close the book on their final chapters as they have merged to form the Automotive Service & Tire Alliance (ASTA). With each organization existing for over half a century, there will always be history to look back on as we move forward. Newly appointed ASTA President Marc Pons and ASTA Immediate Past President (IGONC) have a few words to help us close this final chapter.

From Marc Pons, President of ASTA

This is the story of two proud organizations. IGO formed in 1959 and NCTDA formed in 1964. Both organizations are financially sound, and our memberships are healthy. We recently weathered a 100-year pandemic as membership associations with our members unsure of their future and our EXPO’s cancelled. Yet, you, our members and vendor partners, saw enough value and importance in what the associations represent that you kept paying your dues and kept your sponsorships intact. We are grateful for you.

NCTDA and IGO have spent over a year and a half in due diligence, weighing the decision to merge, always with our members at the heart of the decision making. What we have found is that we have far more in common than we have differences. A quote from Charles Darwin reads, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the most adaptable.” Adaption is at the heart of the of the decision to merge IGO and NCTDA into the Automotive Service and Tire Alliance.  The world is changing and both associations feel this is the proper direction to create a powerful and sustainable association to foster a thriving tire and auto repair industry for our combined roughly 800 members.

We are excited to build a membership organization that is uniquely qualified to understand the challenges of independent tire and automotive service businesses. We are all about impacting lives. We will positively impact the lives of our members, our members employees, the families of those employees, and the safety and well-being of the driving public. Stay tuned. There is much more to come.


From Stan Creech, ATSA Immediate Past President

It’s a great day to be an IGONC now ASTA member.  

Since 1959, the IGONC has grown to be the largest automotive association, representing independent garages with ever increasing support and resources and helping shops rise to the next level.  October 1st, 2021 as we merge with the NCTDA, it’s a little hard to imagine what the new entity will look like a year or 2 from now. I can tell you there has been and continues to be a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes getting this merger off to the right start. I’m very excited about the future of the ASTA and what it has to offer independent shops, be it service or tire shops.   

Sometimes changes take a bit getting used to, but I’m confident this merger will bring a shot of adrenaline and a much stronger Alliance that will carry us strongly for many years to come, on a solid foundation. In our changing world, a time when other similar organizations are struggling, the ASTA has a bright and solid future.


Marc Pons, ASTA President speaks at ASTE 2021 Awards Banquet


Stan Creech, ASTA Immediate Past President speaks at ASTE 2021 Awards Banquet