Leveraging Opportunities for Growth

As we step into another quarter, I am reminded of the incredible value that our community
brings not just to our businesses but to each of us as individuals committed to excellence in the
automotive service and tire sales industry. The Automotive Service & Tire Alliance is more than
just a collective; it’s a network of professionals who share a common goal—to excel and drive
our industry forward.

Networking with peers is a cornerstone of our association. It provides a platform where wisdom
is shared and new ideas are born. Engaging with one another, we brainstorm for creative
solutions to common challenges and share strategies that refine our systems and processes.
Every conversation with a fellow member is an opportunity to learn something that could
improve your business. The relationships built within this network are not just professional ties—
they are partnerships that help us navigate the complexities of our trade with greater confidence
and support.

We all know the landscape of automotive technology is not static. It grows more sophisticated
each day, necessitating a commitment from all of us to continue our education and skill
development. Regular training is not just beneficial; it is essential for keeping pace with new
technologies and techniques in our industry. Through our training programs, we ensure that our
members are not only up to date – but ahead of the curve, equipped with knowledge and tools
that enable them to deliver superior service and expertise.

This quarter, we are focusing on finalizing details for the ASTA Expo 2024 – ensuring we cover
the latest advancements in automotive technology, including hybrid and electric vehicle service,
advanced diagnostic tools, ADAS, and digital service platforms. We encourage every member
to attend, train yourself and your team and engage in the many networking and social events at
the Expo and throughout the year.

Let us all commit to leveraging these opportunities for growth—by connecting with one another,
sharing our successes and challenges, and continuously enhancing our skills. Our strength lies
in our unity and our commitment to excellence. As your president, I am here to support every
member of our alliance in achieving their full potential.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the Automotive Service & Tire Alliance. Together,
let’s make this quarter a benchmark for innovation and success.

-Mike Allen, ASTA Board President and Owner of Carfix

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