Vendor Discount Program

Opus/ESP has been a equipment and service provider in North Carolina since the emissions program began. As the market share leader we are proud to introduce an all-new analyzer that is will be supported for years to come. Get ready to enjoy faster testing and improved reliability with the new System1® (Part #: 00-10400-011). New equipment combined with great factory-direct service representatives provides a new level of dependability for your shop.

Opus now offers Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) to all ASTA Members! The most innovative way to acquire your new analyzer. Here’s how it works. You rent the System1® so that you’re always assured of having the latest technology—along with the best service and support—in the most cost-effective way. The System1® EaaS program is flexible and puts you in control. Not to mention, we take care of everything.

EaaS offers:

  • The most technologically advanced equipment available
  • Complete warranty for as long as you participate with full parts and labor coverage
  • Free delivery, installation and training by our highly-trained technicians
  • Free toner
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Call us at 800-695-4377 or email ncsales@opusinspection.com

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