Embracing the Future: ASTE Evolves into the ASTA Expo

Raleigh, NC – It’s a new dawn, a new day, and we are feeling good! The Automotive Service and Tire Alliance (ASTA), born from the union of the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC) and the North Carolina Tire Dealers (NCTDA), is thrilled to announce a dynamic name change for its flagship event – henceforth, the renowned Automotive Service and Technology Expo will be celebrated as the ASTA Expo!

This exciting rebranding is more than a name change; it is a renewed commitment to our mission and our members. “With the new year comes a fresh, energized vision for our future, and the ASTA Expo is a reflection of this invigorating new chapter,” exclaimed Mike Allen, the enthusiastic President of ASTA.

The ASTA Expo has become the go-to event for professionals who are passionate about automotive excellence, and the rebranding initiative will amplify this incredible event’s visibility and impact. “We’re aligning our stars – our name, our brand, and our premier event – to ignite recognition and spark excitement within the industry,” declared Victoria Smith, the dynamic Event Coordinator for ASTA.

We are not just changing the game; we are upping the ante. The ASTA Expo will retain all the much-loved characteristics of ASTE – the top-notch education, the groundbreaking technology, and the invaluable networking – but now, it will all shine brighter under the ASTA banner.

So, rev your engines and mark your calendars! The ASTA Expo is set to deliver an even more exhilarating, educational, and empowering experience. Stay tuned for the incredible lineup of sessions and speakers we have in store for you.

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