GTCC Aims to Address Automotive Technician Shortage

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Diagnostic Distress: Getting Help When and How You Need It

Diagnostic Distress: Getting Help When and How You Need It

Each time a technician gets bogged down in an extended diagnostic, a good support desk will turn each support session into it’s own version of a one-on-one training class. This is a win-win, as the vehicle gets solved, but the technician gets to learn new diagnostic methodology each time.
But, in order for any diagnostic support call to be effective, the technician must prepare for the call.
This webinar discusses the different ways that a diagnostic and programming support line can help to keep your bays productive and diagnostically efficient in the modern day, with all of the technical challenges technicians face in the bays daily.
We discuss WHEN to call for support, most shops get into costly and serious trouble before they call. We will discuss recommended guidelines and practices for when a tech should engage a support session.
In addition, we’ll discuss proper support protocol, what to prepare for and what most support companies expect, to make the support session more productive.

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