NASTAF Update Dear Techs/VSPs…

Dear Techs/VSPs,

A helpful hint for techs when reviewing ownership/authorization documents in the field:

A Driver’s license that had not expired but found with holes punched into the document was accepted as proof of authorization to support a Customer D1 transaction. The driver’s license matched the vehicle registration and both documents were correctly uploaded to support the Customer D1 record.

Within a few days of the service, the vehicle was reported stolen and has yet to be recovered.  It is not suspected the VSP was involved with theft, however, this is a great example of why NASTF policy requires VSPs to visually verify and only accept valid U.S. or Canadian driver’s licenses before completing the service on vehicles.  

Why are holes punched into a non expired Driver’s license?

The most common time this is done is when a license is renewed and a state representative punches the old Driver’ license. The driver’s license is not expired, it’s been invalidated for another reason. Most likely, the license was suspended and the individual was issued a non-driver ID or a restricted Driver’s license in its place.  It is also common for a State representative to punch holes in a driver’s license, if the person has moved and is applying for a Driver’s license in another state.

Don’t be fooled.

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