NC Legislative Update

18 emissions counties to be reduced to one.  When?

Only one NC county out of the current 18 will ‘eventually’ maintain emissions inspections.  The EPA (federal) will receive the NC Dept. of Environmental Air Quality’s report which is already passing the air standards test.  This has been included in the states budget.  The question for those 18 counties is; ‘when will this take place’?  History tells us this will probably take about 1.5 – 2 years. 

Inspection Stations doing emissions:  Have you converted to VPN?

Many emission stations have already made the change to the DMV’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) made available in 2022.  Coming January 1st 2024 all newly licensed stations doing emission/safety inspections with be required to have/use VPN inspection analyzers.

Safety Only, or those converting to safety only:

Those stations will be required to use the Web Safety Application.  Dial-Up will be discontinued June 30th of 2024 and no further support will continue.

Stations interested in knowing more about converting to the VPN system should contact their analyzer machine company reps. 

Safety only should contact the DMV at 877-421-0020

The ASTA was persistent in lobbying to maintain the annual inspection program that was proposed by Sen. Jarvis (Davidson, Davie) to be changed to every-other year.  We lobbied against this proposal with significant reasoning and it did not advance.  The safety inspection program is a slippery slope and should be closely monitored going forward. 

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